O&V Tasting Room Elmira 

I have always had a passion for health and wellness, clean eating, clean products, and l particularly pay attention to  my mental, emotional and  spiritual well being for myself and my family.


A huge dream l have had was to one day open a health food store of my own.  I have worked in the retail sector for most of my life in management and l credit most of my knowledge in retail to my past employment. 

I am a firm believer when presented with an opportunity take it and run with it. 

O&V was just that! An incredible opportunity that came to me just at the perfect moment. 

It's not a health food store but a healthy food store.

It's a work in progress as l learn about this amazing world of FRESH DELICIOUS AUTHENTIC olive oils and vinegars!

I have tried Infused olive oil in the past but l really didn't know much about the process of Fused Olive oil.  It's really a unique flavour that l absolutely love.

The former owner Natasa has been such a blessing in this new experience. She has passed on more than just a business opportunity.  Her years of experience in the Olive oil world and training has given me a wealth of knowledge and confidence that money just can't buy.

If l have to travel far and wide to experience the flavours and see the  process that goes into authentic oils, well, this is a challenge l am definitely up for.

Why Olive Oil and Vinegar?

 Because it is a part of almost every meal! When you taste olive oil and vinegar that is made with passion and truth, you are changed forever! 

Italian Herb Fused olive oil  was the deal maker for me. Once l had a taste of this oil l was hooked. I couldn't wait to try it again on pasta.

Every meal is an opportunity for enjoyment! A poor meal is a missed opportunity...we can't have that!



we are relocating to elmira

the store is temporarily closed


2 Arthur Street S

Elmira ON

Woolwich Township

N3B 2M5











coming soon 






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