Interesting Information about Olive Oil


Here are some interesting LINKS to articles and videos about Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Check them out to learn more! Stay tuned for more links as I find them!

FAQ about Olive Oil -

This is a very comprehensive article about everything you would want to know about how Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced and how you can use it.  It is lengthy but a very easy read!

Olive Oil Taste Descriptors -

Want to know what flavors and aromas you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT taste in your oil? See a complete list here.

Videos on How Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fused Oils are Made

This one comes from one of our producers! Great videos to watch!

Antioxidant Properties of Olive Oil -

Because Olive oil is made from fruit and not a seed, there are numerous antioxidant benefits to this oil. Here is a quick summary of what you get!