How to make a spreadable extra virgin olive oil butter

Although oils are great for drizzling, for certain applications, using a solid butter is easier. Drizzling a healthy olive oil over your corn on the cob can get a bit messy! What if there was an easy way to make your extra virgin olive oil spreadable??? Well there is! Follow these easy steps and you will soon have delicious and healthy olive oil butter that you can spread on bread, baked potatoes, corn on the cob...


Pour some of your extra virgin olive oil in a plastic container with a lid.


Put the closed container in the freezer until the oil solidifies


Once the oil is solid, transfer the container to the fridge. This will cause the oil to take on a consistency of spreadable margarine


Each time you want to use your new olive oil butter take it out of the fridge and apply to food. Don't keep it out too long because it will turn back to oil pretty quickly. Return to fridge when finished.

This works great with a delicate buttery extra virgin olive oil, garlic fused, jalapeno fused....or add a few oils together and create your own unique spread!